What is Anti Keylogger?

///What is Anti Keylogger?

The anti-keylogger is a computer security software that is used to detect, block or remove keyloggers.

Keyloggers are an extremely dangerous kind of spyware and they are used to steal confidential information from computer users.

An anti-keylogger is a software which is used by the computer owner or system administrator to detect and remove these keyloggers.

Anti-keyloggers are available as standalone applications and often come inside an antivirus or anti-spyware programs.

The anti-keylogger is very useful in protecting the privacy of your computer and security of your confidential information.

Anti-keylogger checks your computer for any kind of keyboard spying or screen capturing tool and usually are used in offices to protect the organization’s confidential data against industrial espionage.

Anti-keylogger is also useful for individual users as it’s an important tool against spying software. It not only detects and blocks keyloggers but also is used to prevent the installation of a keylogging software on your computer.